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War Veteran kills robber

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Would not be surprised if Code Pink wants him to go to jail

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    • The Goblin SETXsports Week 8 Mathematical Rankings
      By Goblin · Posted
      Some people are REALLY not gonna like this but it's how the numbers sort themselves out. All I did was use an algorithm using scores of games between teams that are listed in the official SETXsports 11-man UIL teams schedule section of the board 2A through 6A.  This is how it came out as of today. Teams that are on the outskirts of our geographic area of course are not gonna have as many games included as those that are centered essentially on Beaumont.  North Shore has only played 2 teams that are included in the 74 (which happen to be Channelview and West Brook and they beat both of them) so by no means take any of this to heart or get mortally offended.      1. Galena Park North Shore 70.032.  Channelview55.723.   West Brook54.344. WOS52.185.Crosby51.646.New Caney47.817.CE King45.608.LaPorte43.229.PNG42.3010.Dayton42.2211.Humble42.0812.Deer Park40.4913.Nederland35.6914.   Kingwood Park31.9615.Silsbee31.1916.Barbers Hill30.6017.   Beaumont Central29.9918.PA Memorial29.9319.Vidor29.1120.   Beaumont Ozen26.4021.Crockett25.5722.Lumberton25.3723.Diboll25.3624.LCM21.0025.   Baytown Sterling20.9426.Kirbyville19.7027.   East Chambers18.8528.Goose Creek18.6429.Madisonville17.4630.Bridge City16.4531.Newton14.1032.Galena Park12.9033.Hamshire-Fannett 10.9034.Porter10.7735.Shepherd10.3636.Huffman10.3537.Orangefield10.1438.Jasper9.6839.Baytown Lee7.0040.Coldspring3.8641.Liberty2.8242.Buna-2.7243.Hardin-Jefferson-3.7344.   Corrigan-Camden-4.8745.Shelbyville-6.2846.Lovelady-7.5047.Iola-9.1548.Cleveland-9.9849.Garrison-14.5850.Kountze-15.7151.   Anderson-Shiro-18.6752.Woodville-21.6353.Tarkington-21.9754.Anahuac-25.9155.Splendora-25.9356.Beckville-26.5657.   San Augustine.-28.9958.Hardin-30.5859.Deweyville-31.1260.Normangee-32.8161.Centerville-33.1962.West Sabine-33.6163.Huntington-33.8964.Warren-36.1065.Groveton-36.3766.Evadale-38.6367.Joaquin-41.4368.Hemphill-46.4769.Cushing-47.5670.West Hardin-54.1871.Burkeville-68.7372. Colmesneil -72. 81 73. Sabine Pass -82.30 74. Hull-Daisetta -83.72   The way it works is as follows:   Take your team: Let's say WOS. They have a score of 52.18 WOS beat LCM by 13 (LCM has 21.00)      21.00 + 13 = 34.00 WOS beat PNG by 14 (PNG has 42.30)     42.30 + 14 = 56.30 WOS beat Jasper by 53 (Jasper has 9.68)     9.68 + 53 = 62.68 WOS beat Silsbee by 21 (Silsbee has 31.19)  31.19 + 21 = 52.19 WOS beat Newton by 42 (Newton has 14.10)  14.10 + 42 = 56.10 WOS beat Liberty by 49 (Liberty has 2.82)  2.82 + 49 = 51.82   The average of 34.00, 56.30, 62.68, 52.19, 52.10, and 51.82 equals 52.18 ---- which is the power ranking number that we started with.   If you do the exact same thing with all 74 teams in head-to-head games amongst the other 74 teams you would find the same exact thing.   Yes, I know it doesn't take into account games outside of the SETX area (the larger the number of teams included the more exponential and time-consuming the calculations become and I've done this before statewide but just don't have the time to do it right now) and yes I know it doesn't take into account games that were huge blowouts (Jasper is low because of that 53-0 loss) but it is mathematically sound.  It's also convenient in seeing which games were your worst or best.  WOS consistently got a score of 52-56ish in all their games except the LCM game and the Jasper game which were arguably our worst and best performances against local teams so far.        
    • During your 4 years of HS what was your record for MCM
      By NedKCMO · Posted
      These were my 4 years at Nederland. Wasn't fun to be a Bulldog back then!
    • Enrollment numbers
      By Goblin · Posted
      Something will change in the next few realignments with the HUGE population growth in Houston.  Fort Bend ISD only had 1 High school fielding a varsity squad in 1979 with Dulles (Willowridge started in 1980), Cypress-Fairbanks ISD only had 2 with Cypress-Fairbanks and Jersey Village (Cypress Creek started in 1980). Within 5 years the two ISDs combined will have 30 High schools with 6A numbers.  Back in 1948, 1949 and 1950 the UIL briefly had a special classification for urban areas... I think it was called the Central City Classification or something like that with only Houston, Dallas, San Antonio and Fort Worth inner city schools competing.  It's getting to the point where that needs to happen again.  Houston already takes up all of 6A Region III, a lot of 6A Region II and I foresee them splashing over into Region IV as well with Pearland and Fort Bend continuing to boom.
    • SETXsports Pick 'ems Week 8
      By Baller 93 · Posted
      1.   Nederland/Port Neches-Groves 2.   Little Cypress-Mauriceville/Bridge City 3.   Beaumont Legacy Christian/The Woodlands Christian 4.   Crosby/Dayton 5.   Galena Park/Porter 6.   Beaumont Ozen/Beaumont Central 7.   Diboll/Coldspring-Oakhurst 8.   Madisonville/HUntington 9.    Tarkington/Shepherd 10.   Orangefield/West Orange-Stark 11.   Buna/Kirbyville 12.   Warren/Kountze 13.   Hemphill/Corrigan-Camden 14.   Newton/Crockett 15.   Beckville/San Augustine 16.   Cushing/Shelbyville 17.   Joaquin/West Sabine 18.   Hull-Daisetta/West Hardin 19.   Baytown Christian/Katy Faith West 20.   Apple Springs/Orange Community Christian 21.   High Island/Chester 22.   La Porte/Port Arthur Memorial 23.   Lumberton/Baytown Lee 24.   Silsbee/Splendora 25.   Hamshire-Fannett/Hardin-Jefferson
    • MCM Trivia... Kinda.... Not really...l
      By tvc184 · Posted
      PNG Pre - The Jet   Post - Long NED Pre - Gary Champagne  Post - Mosley
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