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Mikaela Stegall of LCM committs to UT - Tyler

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 Mikaela Stegall from LCM High School and a member of Orange Crush Gold has committed to continue her softball career at the University of Texas - Tyler. Mikaela is an extremely fast, and smart outfielder that will help UT Tyler stay at the top in their conference. Congrats Mikaela and good luck in your future at UT Tyler. Coach Reed got him a good one ! We at Orange Crush are extremely proud of what you have accomplished

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    • Strong Coaching Pedigree
      By Roper84 II · Posted Too bad it was based on Academic Progress Rate....... I'm too lazy to look it up.....if ATM is behind whorns, let me know.
    • ****Carthage vs Silsbee****
      By ctown81 · Posted
      Lincoln doesn't have all their players yet but will soon. I'm not knocking Silsbee at all but I don't think they can beat Lincoln or Madison. Actually think it says a lot about Silsbee to be 3-0 with their players out. Since you want to talk about records, look who they lost too. Please list those games. The teams they lost to Silsbee can't beat. So they barely beat Bellaire.  They're schedule is VERY tough. All you looked at is 3 losses on the record.
    • Area Top 5???
      By MHSBulldogs · Posted
      Saw them decisively beat a solid 7-2 Dayton team, whose only other loss was to undefeated Clear Lake.  Lumberton will also face a good test tonite against 5-2 West Brook.
    • ****Carthage vs Silsbee****
      By oldschool2 · Posted
      Proud of what fact?..  I said I wanted setx to catch up with the rest of the state.  Just because my handle is "oldschool" doesn't mean I'm above adapting.  I was a good player because I adapted to NEW ideas.  Nobody was more excited about the 3 point line than me...I'd been shooting from there and beyond my whole life.  ADAPT That's what is so aggravating..  It would be different if the schools down here were doing those things.  Instead all I hear is "we're #4 (or whatever) in the state and we don't have turf or a new school".  Yeah ranked high because you may go 9-1 beating these other crappy setx schools.  That don't mean you're might just mean you haven't played anyone.  Crosby, Kirbyville, East Chambers, Newton, ..powerhouses..all at home.  I'll admit Silsbee is having a good run.  Last week was an impressive win.  But gonna take a lot more than that to get me on board.  I want to see some hardware.
    • ****Carthage vs Silsbee****
      By AggiesAreWe · Posted
      Lincoln is 3-3, with one of those wins over Houston Bellaire, 79-78. The same Houston Bellaire team that a Silsbee Lite beat last week 63-59. Just to catch you up to speed, Silsbee is "Lite" because they still have 8 varsity players (3 of which are starters) still playing football. Dallas Lincoln is good, not state champion good. Again, waste of time discussing this matter with the likes.
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