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13u elite gladiator tryouts

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Coach Craig Fox of last years  13u elite gladiators team is hosting tryouts for a  13u elite team for the upcoming season.  Location of tryouts will be at the baseball fields behind the Market Basket on Major/Phelan.  Please contact Craig Fox at 409-782-2454 for further information. Please call and rsvp if your player will be attending tryouts.

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Tryouts for the 13 elite Gladiators will be  on Saturday August 16th at 9am . Tryouts will be held at the baseball field behind the Market Basket on Major and Phelan in Beaumont.  Please rsvp with Craig Fox 409-782-2454.

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      I never once saw where this clock was a science project or something assigned for extra credit. Has anyone, anywhere expounded as to what a great feat it was to "invent" this clock. Were mommy and daddy behind this invention? I believe that they foresaw the events leading up to this lawsuit. They knew with all the school shootings and the threat of terrorism combined how this supposed clock invention would be received. They also figured the charges would be dropped since no one could question the innocence of a kid. They also knew there would be backlash to his presence after the ordeal and moved for sympathy's sake. Then comes the lawsuit. I think the parents should be sued for allowing their kid to cause such a frightening situation by bringing that clock that looked so much like a bomb (of course, none of them thought it looked suspicious) to a school. Should they somehow win this suit, will it set a precedent so that we can no longer question a muslim carrying a suspicious bag or briefcase, or something resembling a bomb should be thought of as just a clock?  I truly hope this never happens, but let a kid bring a bomb to school and blow up one of your kids ( I hate to make this personal but sometimes it is the only way to get the true feeling) then will we hear how the school did nothing to protect them?
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      Willis 44 KPark 37. Good game for both teams. Willis just hit more free throws at the end.
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      I like WOS chances this year!!
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