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Minimum Wage Fee And Liberals...

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So I read the article. First off, let me say I have no problem with what the restaurant is doing. It's only logical that they'll have to find some way to make up the extra money that they're having to pay out. What gets me is the opinion piece you posted. He basically says that all liberals are in an uproar, tells us how stupid they are, but then posts quotes from a grand total of 1 (ONE) liberal who sounds, if we're perfectly honest, mildly concerned about the whole situation. So he tells you how stupid liberals are, how ridiculous it is that they're mad about this, and provides zero anecdotal evidence that they're actually upset.
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      KWP, Crosby, and Barbers Hill will battle,  Crosby having edge in returning pitching, ,  KWP seems to find a way to start rolling come playoffs and is always tough, and found a diamond in pitching in the playoffs.last season,  BH has one starting pitcher back, needs to find a couple of pitchers, one  future pitcher had Tommy john, they have arms, just need to see who will be ready for varsity or who improved. from last year.,   They could use  2 more in the outfield and a 1st baseman,  So a couple of holes to fill. Have a solid outfielder returning, the catcher and middle infield will return, so good core returning, just need some holes to fill, the 3rd baseman is returning but have a move in and could be  some changes, may be changes at other positions as well,  But over all KWP, Crosby and BH should take top 3 spots, Porter should be in the mix as well for next 2 seasons, got some good pitching returning,  
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      I'll be in attendance for this one...I do know this if Ozen is going to have a chance to win they'll have to find someone to cover Corbin.
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      Crazy? Lee scored 21pts against RSS, and should have scored more. Last week GCM should have scored 21pts in the 1st qtr alone, had it not been for 2 int inside the 20(1 inside the 10yd line).  Now, anything is possible on any given Friday night, and "The Goose" may not score 34pts, but to call the idea of that happening "crazy",...that's CRAZY!! #TheGooseIsLoose
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      You guys just don't know what I know. Ozen H.S has something to prove and heart. David slew Goliath so little old Ozen will do the same. I'm a WB alumni as well as a Hebert High alumni and I see Ozen developing a tradition. A hungry dog will fight harder for a bone! My two sons will play and they are pushing the mentality to their team to take what they want! Should be a go done though. 
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      i guess La Marque going 0-10 as well after their arse whooping by Galveston Ball?  Relax! 
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